Apply for a grant

If you think you may qualify for a grant, and wish to apply for one, please download the Foundation’s application form. 


Please Note

- Applications should be completed as fully as possible.

- Once completed, your application should be submitted to the Secretary (along with all relevant accompanying information) by email if possible, as an attachment in pdf format.

- Every application should be supported by sufficient financial information about the costs of attending the event to satisfy the Foundation that there is a genuine financial need for the grant.

- PLEASE NOTE:  Your application must be submitted no later than 7 days before the meeting of the Foundation at which you wish it to be considered. Applications will only be considered on the meeting dates as listed below.  Only under special circumstances and at the discretion of the Chair will any other application be considered. 


The meeting dates for 2016 are:

Monday 27 June 2016
Monday 26 September 2016
Monday 28 November 2016