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This form should be completed as fully as possible in order to assist the Foundation in considering the application.

Application deadlines 2023
Monday 20th November

Application deadlines 2024
Monday 19th February
Monday 22nd April
Monday 17th June
Monday 19th August
Monday 18th November


Section 1 - Details of Applicants

Section 2 - Details of Event/s

3. Basis of Participation:

a) If the Applicant/s has/have been officially selected or appointed to represent New Zealand at the event/s, please give details of the qualifying event/s or other selection process.

b) If question 3a is not applicable, please advise the background to, and the reason for attending or participating in, the event/s below

4. Results:

Please provide a recent list of your yachting results and/or other relevant sailing achivements.

5. Purpose of Application:

a) Please advise the amount and purpose of the funding requested:

b) Please provide a detailed campaign budget.

When uploading we support the following file types PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, CSV,

Upload File

c) Please provide full details of any other funding already secured, and any other funding applied for but not yet secured*

*The Foundation reserves the right to limit or decline funding having regard to other funding already received or applied for.

d) Please also provide a bank account name and number for payment by electronic transfer of any grant that may be made by the Trust:

6. Acknowledgement:

In making this application, the Applicant/s agree/s, acknowledge/s and confirms that:

a) Any funds received by the Applicant as a result of this application will be used exclusively for the purpose stated in this application, and if requested the Applicant will provide copies of all invoices and bank statements proving such use, and the Applicant will promptly return any funds not used for such use.


b) The decision of the Foundation in respect of the application will be final and if a grant is made:


i) the Foundation may publish on its website, the name/s of the recipient/s, the purpose of the grant, and the amount awarded; and


ii) the Applicant/s will provide the Foundation with a brief report, final results of the event/s (regardless of the applicant/s placing/s) and photos (jpeg format for the trust to share); and


iii) the Foundation reserves the right to require a refund of the grant if the Foundation determines for any reason that the Applicant/s have not used the funds exclusively for the purpose specified in this application.


c) The Applicant authorises the Foundation to keep and store any information contained in or relating to this information.


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